Season 1, Episode 10: Your Daddy Don't Dance


"Firemen have bigger hoses." -Vic's T-shirt

"Vic has the cutest li'l undies. He wears these teeny tiny little red brifes..." -Brittany
"No no n'no no... please, stop. Let's not create a picture that drugs and therapy can never erase." -Kate

"Kate, come on! Come with me to that concert. We'll find John and show him that you can still shake that thing." -Brittany
"After two kids, I wish that thing would stop shaking." -Kate


Written by Jennifer Glickman, Directed by John Tracy

Guest starring Robert Costanzo as Vic DiResta, Cindy Ambuehl as Brittany, Allan Murray as Larry. Co-starring Ruairi and Sean Kenna as Dakota.