Season 1, Episode 12: The Torch


"Since when do you have a pager?" -Liz
"Since I found out they could vibrate." -Kate

"Oh, tonight Jerry reunites legless lesbian lovers!" -Liz

"I will track you down wherever you go... as long as it's not Texas." -Wendy

"You just made a date with Wendy." -Kate
"So?" -Vic
"But you're back with Brittany." -DiResta
"So?" -Vic
"How do you think they'd feel knowin' you're seein'them both?" -Kate
"So-so." -Vic

"You listen, girly-friend, you better get out of my house before I open up a can of whup-ass!" -Kate

"Y'know, it's a book that I read Dakota. Curious George opens up a can of whup-ass and the guy with the yellow hat." -Kate


Written by Laurie Parres, Directed by John Tracy

Guest starring Robert Costanzo as Vic DiResta, Cindy Ambuehl as Wendy